About Slovenia for stag weekends & Ljubljana stag nights

On this page, you’ll find many useful facts about our country. It really pays to know something about the country you are travelling too. Whether you use this information to impress a local lady or to use as part of an after stag dinner quiz, its yours to enjoy. If you believe any other information would be useful on this page, please send your comments to us. We hope you choose Slovenia as your final stag weekend destination. We believe our country will be the perfect host for your friends, and after one visit, we know you’ll want to come back. Maybe on a honeymoon? Or to ski in our famous winter break resorts? There are many reasons to come back again and again.

Official name - Republic of Slovenia

Borders 4 countries:
Length of border with Austria: 318 km
Length of border with Italy: 232 km
Length of border with Hungary: 102 km
Length of border with Croatia: 670 km
Length of coast: 46.6 km

Capital: Ljubljana

Population: 2.025.866 (31. December 2007)

Language: Slovene

Climate: Alpine, Continental, Mediterranean

Average temperatures: July: 21°C January: -2°C

Weather Average temperatures in July are above 21oC and in January 0oC. In the summer it can be very hot, especially on the coast and quite cold in the mountains. We advise you to check the weather forecast before coming to Slovenia. Unlike Britain, Slovenian has consistency in its weather.

Time zone: Central European Time GMT+1

Ski Season: DEC – late April

Currency: Euro, 1 January 2007

Education: Universities in Ljubljana and Maribor 90,403 students

January 1 and 2 - New Year's
February 8 - Prešeren Day, Slovene cultural day
March - Easter Sunday and Monday
April 27 - Day of Uprising against the Occupation
May 1 and 2 - May Day holiday & Pentecost
June 25 - Slovenia Day
August 15 - Feast of the Assumption
August 17 - Slovenians in Prekmurje Incorporated into the Mother Nation
September 15 - Restoration of the Primorska Region to the Motherland
October 31 - Reformation Day
November 1 - All Saint's Day
November 23 - Rudolf Maister Day
December 25 - Christmas
December 26 - Independence and Unity Day

Mobile telephone use
Mobile telephones in Slovenia operate in the network on the frequency bands of 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. Roaming is available in the following mobile networks: Mobitel, Simobil, Debitel, Izimobil, Mmobil, Tušmobil.

Banks will exchange foreign currency and travellers checks for Euros and vice versa. Foreign residents may open Euro and foreign currency accounts, and it is possible to send money orders and transfer payments. Changing money is also possible at exchange offices in hotels, gasoline stations, tourist agencies, supermarkets, and numerous small exchange offices.
Hours of operation:
Weekdays: 8:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:00
Saturdays: 8:30 to 11:00/12:00

Drinking Water
The water is safe and drinkable throughout the country.

Current is 220 V, 50 Hz.

Important telephone numbers
Police: 113
Fire: 112
Emergency First Aid: 112
AMZS - Automobile Association of Slovenia: 1987