The Outdoors capital of Europe

Slovenia is the place to come for those who love outdoor sports. We have everything here from amazing Ski resorts to aqua coloured alpine rivers, to rafting, kayak and canoe. Think of a sport, and you'll be able to do it here with us in Slovenia. Pristine nature surrounds you, making any active holiday in Slovenia feel like your in a heavenly place.

Multi active holidays are extremely popular, and we have the perfect playground to offer solo travellers, groups and couples the adventure of a life time. Take on the Soca & Sava river rapids, canyon valleys and test your head for heats on the high rope challenges. Still got more in the tank? Take on the Julian alps on a trekking expedition or mount up and brace yourselves for gliding down the hillsides on a bike.

We can offer one or two week programs of mixed sports and adventures. Free days can be spent relaxing or following your own trails. If you can't afford the time away, then why not book an activity break? Within 3 or 4 days, its definitely possible to try numerous activities abroad. We'll create the right balance of sporting fun, with relaxation and sightseeing.

The most popular suggestions have to be white water rafting in Slovenia. River rafting in Ljubljana can be done on the nearby Sava or travel a little worth to the Soca Valley. Both are equally as beautiful and challenging, but for more difficult routes for active breaks, i would seek out the Soca waters. Slovenia activity breaks are a different kind of holiday. The focus is on nature & extreme sporting activities. We do welcome Ljubljana stag party groups, but we just ask them to be more conscious of 'where they are'. If you want beer, girls and all night partying, then a multi active slovenia holiday might not be the right choice for you.

From our experience, Slovenia stag weekends have enjoyed the white water rafting & canyoing the most, as alot of people can participate. These active sports cater for all abilities, and our professional team will give you all the support you need. Safety is our number one priority, followed closely by 'fun'. We promise FUN is always had.

Multi Activity Holidays in Slovenia

Fed up of sitting next to a noisy pool, in a tacky spanish resort? Want to experience the earth's natural wonders, combining both relaxation with action. It can be done! Think about a multi adventure holiday in Slovenia. Our team can design the most wonderful experience of hill trekking, mountain biking, river raftings, kayaking and many other sports.