Ski & Snowboard in Slovenia

Enjoy an award winning resort - 'Krvavec' in the day time, then party hard with the Apres ski in a capital. This is the reality for stag weekends in Ljubljana. Krvavec skiing resort can be reached from the city centre under 40 minutes, and the gondola ride last only 7 minues! The views are renowned to be some of the best of Europe. This is the perfect opportunity to regain your snow legs or try skiing for the first time.

Our stag party team offers: hotel-resort bus transfers, equipment, ski passess, tuition and general emergency support. Combining a ski or snowboard holiday with a stag weekend is genius. Watching the groom wizz down the slopes in a spiderman costume is something to chuckle about for a long time.

Hangovers don't exist up here. After soaking in the views, the fresh-icey air and taking on the snowy playground - your head will be back to neautral, ready for that lunch time beer. Did we mention how cheap food & beer is in Slovenia? Forget France, Switzerland & Austria - where a beer will set you back 6 EUR on the slopes. In Slovenia, its like drinking in weatherspoons pubs, just without the tacky decor and local tramps. The cost saving is dramatic and really should be factored in, when comparing destinations.

Many ski resorts take a least 3 hours of travel time! That really eats into your stag weekend. You shouldn't be on a should be relaxing in a bar or at the hotel. Ljubljana ski stag weekends are the answer. Little transfers, lots more time!!!

Lets not forget the truth of any European ski resort. Does the phrase 'men den' spring to mind. The ratio of men and women is always far too unbalanced...favourable for the ladies, but not for men seeking some pulling action. In Slovenia, you don't have to worry about this. For stag parties in Ljubljana, you can ski in the day time, then be transported back to the capital for the early evening. There, you'll find out why Slovenian women have the reputation of being some of the most beautiful in Europe.

Remember where this country is located, between Italy & you have the picture! We hope to see you organise your stag snowboarding holiday with us in Ljubljana.

For any questions about our ski stag weekends - call or send a quick enquiry. It takes less than 60 seconds. You'll get an answer back within 12 hours. You'll be very happy you contacted us.

Slovenia stags - "It's all in the name!"