Shooting in Slovenia

Shooting in Ljubljana for stag parties, is one of our best sellers. If you’re asking yourself, why? Then you obviously haven’t gripped a hardcore firing weapon, and blasted off a target board. The power of the gun sends a rush to the arms with a rigor of excitement….just holding this deadly gun, you have become a lethal weapon. Add a mullet wig, and you’ve become ‘Mel Gibson’ (note: wig is not compulsory, but recommended).

Each stag gets to fire off a choice of guns at a target – creating the perfect competition. Worst shot penalties? Well that’s for your group to decide. The banter is fantastic down the shooting range, just what you need from a stag party in Ljubljana.

Not forgetting the pictures and video action, you’ll be able to take home. Ljubljana stag weekends are a blast, and this is your chance to find out why. Book early to avoid disappoint during your party weekend. We recommend to do this activity in late morning, as any intoxicated participants will not be allowed to shoot. Your safety is our priority.

Slovenia stags - "It's all in the name!"