Nightlife Guide

Even finding your feet in a new British town can be daunting. Then you have the pressure of a group of half drunk guys, all looking to you (the best man) to find the most happening spots. This is always challenging and not a nice situation to be in, especially, if you just lead the guys to the first ‘Irish bar’ you see. The guys haven’t just paid to cross the European airways, to be drinking a pint of ‘harp’ in Ljubljana.

Slovenia stags – will meet you at the accommodation and take you on an awesome night life adventure, making the route as easy to remember, so you can hit similar bars on the next nights. Or you can just book our nightlife guides for more evenings of madness. You’ll find cellar cocktail bars, local cheap pubs, student venues and up-market river side bar-cafes with our friendly guide. It’s our job to create the party vibe and we’ll do it in style. Don’t miss this essential stag party service.