The Slovenia capital is the perfect size for any sized group looking for a fantastic stag night. Smaller than Prague, but larger than Bratislava – stags can gain their bearings very quickly, and with the help of our stag night guides, you’ll soon find all the best ‘watering holes’ to quench a thirst. Our favourite local beers are Lasko & Union, and you can join the great debate, of which one you prefer. This debate still divides our Slovenia stag night staff.

Stag Weekends in Ljubljana

It’s a beautiful city, with chic cafes & restaurants aligning the Ljubljanica river, and a network of old streets can lead you to the old castle, which sits high above the capital – offering the very best view points. For those stag parties in Ljubljana that are feeling energetic, do make the effort, to climb to the castle. The panoramic pictures will be rewarding for those facebook profiles. It might just show your female friends, that stag nights are more than just beer drinking & lap dancing (they don’t have to know the real truth lol). Back below the castle, in the old town of Ljubljana you’ll find the best bars, nightclubs and party areas. ‘Slovenia stags’ has the very best nightlife guides and co-operation with pubs, clubs and strip bar venues. We’ll only take you to the busiest and most happening areas. We don't take you to places, where we gain commission! This is not on our agenda, when we organise a stag weekend in Ljubljana.

It's the capital! So is Ljubljana a cheap city? We would have to say it is. Yes! Although in the Euro, beer & food is great value for money, and for those on tighter budgets will certainly appreciate this. Rounds of extra double measure drinks, won’t cost the earth & the Slovene people are extremely honest, so don’t worry about those ‘dodgy’ priced up receipts. Ljubljana is definitely one of the most safest capitals in Europe, if not the world. Your stag party won’t feel intimidated or unsafe at any point.

Some European cities have reputations of being over crowded with UK stag partys, like Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Madrid. It’s never fun to make the effort to go abroad, only to find lots of expats and other stag parties. It’s always nice to be amongst the locals & especially the Slovenian’s who find it novel to see a bunch of Brits in super hero outfits.

A lot of our Ljubljana stag party enquiries come from groups that have already travelled extensively in central & Eastern Europe. So you might be fully aware of how attractive the local Slovene ladies are. Maybe there’ll put doubts in the ‘grooms’ mind (hopefully not!). Either way, there is no denying, with Ljubljana being the capital, with a large university, there are plenty of gorgeous girls to meet. The level of English of anyone under the age of 40 is truly fantastic, so communicating is never a problem (unless you’ve had too many beers or have a thick Birmingham accent lol).

What more can you ask for in a city, to celebrate your last nights of freedom. Good looking girls, cheap drinks, all night bars, chic-bars, lap dancing venues, casinos, various nightclubs and all can be found under 90 minutes of flying from either – Gatwick or Stansted. We certainly recommend ‘Easy Jet’ or ‘Adria Airline’ services.

If you have any reservations or doubts about Ljubljana let ‘Slovenia stags’ put your mind at ease. Please send your questions & stag nights enquiries to us on line. We will always get an answer to you within 12 hours. If you send the enquiry between 9am and 4pm, chances are, you’ll receive a full quotation within 60 minutes.

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