Golf in Ljubljana

For those stag parties looking for some pole swinging relaxation, other than lap dancing, why not try the wide greens of Slovenia and enjoy not only the golf clubs, golf courses and practice areas but also diverse landscapes of the beautiful green plains.

Our guide will transport you to the course, and you can enjoy either 9 or 18 holes. Private golf courses are hard to book, so expect to book early an dnot last minute for your Ljubljana stag weekend.

You can bring your own clubs, but obviously check if thats an extra charge on the airline - most likely it will be. Don't miss this day of fresh air, calming silence, magnificent views & plemty of Ljubljana stag banter.

After a good days golf in Slovenia, why not take the stags for a hearty traditional dinner? Might as well make a day of it. On the way back to your hotel, we'll take some scenary de-tours, so you can see more wonderful aspects of this gorgeous country.

Slovenia stags - "It's all in the name!"